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by John Moore | June 19, 2009

Snippets of the Week

Due to a tremendous workload at Chilmark Research, creating cogent, free content is expensive, at least to us.  Therefore, to […]

by John Moore | August 06, 2008

2x Growth in iPhone Apps in 2 Weeks

Just dropped by the iPhone AppStore to see if any new health & wellness applications have been added to the […]

by John Moore | July 23, 2008

Mobile Health and the iPhone

There has been a tremendous amount of buzz regarding the latest iPhone release with most of the attention focusing on […]

by John Moore | July 09, 2008

Heated Debate on Boston’s Rules of the Road

As you know, I commute by bike to work. Been doing this for some 20+ years despite Boston ranking as […]

by John Moore | March 04, 2008

Good Post on Google & Microsoft Platforms

Vince, over on his e-Care Management blog has a good post up today where he compares the respective consumer healthcare […]

by John Moore | February 28, 2008

Google’s Schmidt Outlines Health Platform

Though Google announced the formal unveiling of their PHR last week, via the deal with Cleveland Clinic, today was the […]

by John Moore | November 01, 2007

Exposed – Orthopedic Payola

Looks like payola in the healthcare sector extends beyond pharma. Late yesterday, the Wall Street Journal health blog posted an […]

by John Moore | October 29, 2007

Getting the Information Out

There is a ton of health-related information out there on the Web, but getting to it is not always easy. […]

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