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by John Moore | October 09, 2009

Health 2.0: Up, Down and Sideways

Another Health 2.0 Conference has come to pass and with broken wrist limiting typing fluidity, going to keep this synopsis […]

by John Moore | April 23, 2009

Too Many Content Plays = Unsustainable

Here at the Health 2.0 conference and have heard far too many demos (really just pitches) from a multitude of […]

by John Moore | January 29, 2009

Wellsphere Bites the Dust, Everyday Health in Top 5

Another Health 2.0 flame-out has occurred, this time Wellsphere was picked up yesterday by HealthCentral. Not sure why HealthCentral would […]

by John Moore | January 23, 2009

Web2.0 Use Among Hospitals

Interesting analysis of hospitals across the country that are using Internet-based, social networking tools, often referred to as Web2.0 (e.g., […]

by John Moore | December 29, 2008

What’s In Store for 2009: Top Ten Trends & Forecast

Maintaining a tradition among IT analyst firms, following is Chilmark Research’s forecast of Top Trends for 2009.  While there is […]

by John Moore | December 15, 2008

WebMD Targets Physician Community Prize

Just received a PR this morning from WebMD where they are crowing that they are now Numero Uno in the […]

by John Moore | December 09, 2008

From Halls of Swedish Academia – Patterns for Health 2.0

Stumbled across this research paper today on Web2.0 design patterns for chronic care of pediatric patients (prototype, diabetes type 1). […]

by John Moore | December 08, 2008

Beginning of the End for Health 2.0?

Late last week, one fo the Health 2.0 darlings, DailyStrength, bit the dust and was acquired by HSW Inc.  Was […]

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