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by Brian Murphy | February 04, 2015

Platform-as-a-Service: Old Idea but New to Healthcare

Accelerate the Industry Forward Technology companies often open up their products to create an ecosystem for third party developers. This […]

by Naveen Rao | July 28, 2014

Consumer Health Data Plays: Vision? Yes. Value? Maybe…

Challenges & Opportunity In an otherwise slow summer, health IT got caught up in a whirl of excitement last month […]

by John Moore | January 06, 2009

The Mobile App Goldrush

Last week the Washington Post published an article on the fervor surrounding the iPhone and the slew of independent developers […]

by John Moore | March 13, 2008

Whacking the Privacy Zealots

Matt Holt, owner and master of The Health Care Blog, has an excellent post today on PHRs and privacy.  It […]

by John Moore | March 06, 2008

Schmidt’s HIMSS Presentation: Google Health

Here is the full Google presentation given by CEO Schmidt to a full house at last week’s HIMSS conference. You […]

by John Moore |

Enough About the Gorillas, How About a Lemur

Plenty has been written, both here and elsewhere about the two 800-pound gorillas, Google and Microsoft’s, respective plays in the […]

by John Moore | March 04, 2008

McKinsey Interview with Cleveland Clinic CEO

The latest edition of The McKinsey’s Quarterly report has an interesting interview with Cleveland Clinic’s CEO, Toby Cosgrove. Nothing earth-shattering […]

by John Moore |

Good Post on Google & Microsoft Platforms

Vince, over on his e-Care Management blog has a good post up today where he compares the respective consumer healthcare […]

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