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by Jody Ranck | September 09, 2022

AI and Trust in Healthcare: A New Report from Chilmark Research

Industry-wide cooperation will be needed to foster trust in the rapidly growing healthcare AI sector. Chilmark’s latest report tackles this and more.

by Jody Ranck | June 06, 2022

How Not to Implement AI

Mistakes were made in the deployment of artificial intelligence in aircraft, leading to fatal outcomes. How can healthcare avoid similar results?

by John Moore | December 15, 2021

Looking Back: Reviewing Our 2021 Predictions

Chilmark’s 2021 predictions were mostly accurate, but could have been more daring. Our outlook on 2022 is forthcoming and will include some tougher calls.

by John Moore | November 29, 2021

The High-Growth Patient Data Market

Unique circumstances have led to the rise of this evolving sector. Despite plenty of growth potential, the most effective approach remains to be seen.

by Jody Ranck | November 16, 2021

3 Ways the FDA’s “Guiding Principles” for AI/ML Falls Short on Concrete Industry Practices

The FDA released a set of principles for the implementation of new technologies, but will it be enough to positively impact current industry practice?

by Jody Ranck | April 12, 2021

Digital Twins 101

Digital twins provide more dynamic models than conventional simulations and will provide valuable tools for precision medicine. Learn more in this deep dive article.

by Chilmark Team | December 18, 2020

Looking to the Future – 2021 Predictions

Unlike past years when we have written a post evaluating how well our predictions for that year held up, let’s […]

by Jody Ranck | October 15, 2020

AI and Recent Regulatory, Policy and Funding Updates

While COVID-19 has been dominating the healthcare headlines so far in 2020 there have been a number of recent policy and regulatory decisions bearing on the AI/ML market in healthcare.

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