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by John Moore | June 14, 2022

More Hubris than Humility

Oracle’s Cerner acquisition took a turn for the eyebrow-raising with the latest ambitious announcements last week. Are their goals realistic or ridiculous?

by John Moore | April 25, 2022

The Consumer Awakens

A new generation of parents will soon be a sought-after customer at hospitals nationwide. Is the current market ready for a flood of tech-savvy consumers?

by Jody Ranck | April 01, 2022

The Expanding Cosmos

Epic’s Cosmos continues its growth as a powerful piece of the physician toolkit; public health utility and clinical decision support could expand in kind.

by Chilmark Team | March 25, 2022

The Return of HIMSS: Is Inertia Enough?

HIMSS returned with a bang for its trademark massive in-person conference, rich with reunions, news and insights. But will it stay relevant in the long run?

by John Moore | January 06, 2022

The Repercussions of Oracle’s Acquisition of Cerner

Ever-savvy Oracle is all but certain to profit from the Cerner acquisition, but what’s ahead for Cerner’s customers, clinicians and the EHR market?

by Jody Ranck | November 16, 2021

3 Ways the FDA’s “Guiding Principles” for AI/ML Falls Short on Concrete Industry Practices

The FDA released a set of principles for the implementation of new technologies, but will it be enough to positively impact current industry practice?

by John Moore | October 01, 2021

The Need for a Longitudinal Patient Record In A Complex, Fractured System

Being a patient in a fragmented healthcare system is often a tough experience. Streamlining access to data via LPRs is a step forward, but obstacles remain.

by John Moore | September 17, 2021

Lots Can Happen When on Vacation

Shakeups at Google and Cerner liven up what is typically a quiet month in the health IT world, as both companies position themselves for new directions.

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