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by John Moore | March 08, 2023

The State of State HIEs

A barely overseen explosion of government cash, aimed at funding HIEs across the country, left us with a mess. What will the landscape look like now?

by John Moore | October 28, 2022

Oracle’s Acquisition of Cerner – Best Thing that Could Have Happened?

As an industry titan, Cerner has had ups and downs in recent years. But after OCHC and new announcements by Oracle, the future appears brighter than ever.

by John Moore | October 21, 2022

MEDITECH in the Chrysalis

MEDITECH Live was a window into a company stagnant in some places and electric in others. Will a dazzling butterfly or a dull moth emerge?

by Fatma Niang | July 04, 2022

Quality Care Concerns at the VA

The VHA provides care on a massive scale across the country, often poorly. Can industry-wide EHR transformation and oversight improve care for our veterans?

by John Moore | June 14, 2022

More Hubris than Humility

Oracle’s Cerner acquisition took a turn for the eyebrow-raising with the latest ambitious announcements last week. Are their goals realistic or ridiculous?

by John Moore | January 06, 2022

The Repercussions of Oracle’s Acquisition of Cerner

Ever-savvy Oracle is all but certain to profit from the Cerner acquisition, but what’s ahead for Cerner’s customers, clinicians and the EHR market?

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