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by John Moore | June 25, 2008

Privacy Framework for PHRs

Early this afternoon, The Markle Foundation announced broad industry endorsement for their just released Privacy Framework, a part of a […]

by John Moore | June 18, 2008

HealthVault Developers’ Conference – Presentations Up

Microsoft held its first developers’ conference last week, a sell-out affair with over 500 participants representing some 200+ organizations. From […]

by John Moore | May 21, 2008

NEWS FLASH: iPHR Market Report Now Available

The long awaited PHR Market Report that we at Chilmark Research have been tirelessly working on is now available for […]

by John Moore | May 14, 2008

Preface to Report

We’re down to the final proofs, the final edits and the PHR Market Report will be ready by the end […]

by John Moore | May 05, 2008

Why Extending HIPAA to PHRs is NOT a Good Idea

There has been a lot of talk about extending current HIPAA regulations to address non-covered entities, particularly PHR vendors. Many (and […]

by John Moore | April 22, 2008

Dis-information Among Those in the Know

Here I am at the World Health Care Congress with what appears to be all the major movers and shakers […]

by John Moore | April 21, 2008

WHCC & Reports from the Field

I’ll be attending the World Health Care Congress (WHCC) here in Washington DC getting my fill of all things healthcare […]

by John Moore | April 07, 2008

Employers Taking Long-View Look to PHRs

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve uncovered a couple of recent reports that add to the growing body of […]

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