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by Alex Lennox-Miller | April 02, 2021

Amazon Makes Their Move into Virtual Care

Amazon has sent not just a signal flare but a full broadside warning into the virtual care industry, announcing that their internal pilot of Amazon Care will not be internal or a pilot for much longer. They’ll expand to their employees across the US, then start to offer a proven value package to other employers looking for remote care offerings. They could sell to providers, or even direct to consumers. Some key elements are still missing, which raises the question: Are we looking at the next AWS, or the next Fire Phone?

by Alex Lennox-Miller | March 09, 2021

Hot Take | Investments in New Behavioral Health Models

Our Sr Analyst, Alex Lennox-Miller, discusses recent investments in behavioral health technology. We’ve seen a lot of movement in virtual care overall in the past 12-18 months. One of the most exciting things about this is that a lot of those investments have been in new behavioral health technology.

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