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by Brian Murphy | July 04, 2015

FHIR — The Healthcare Platform Enabler

The Plan FHIR is the new, open way to represent clinical, financial, and administrative data about patients. It is being […]

by Brian Murphy | August 04, 2014

Referrals Management Changing with Care and Payment Reform

It Needs More Referrals occupy a singular place in healthcare. Every HCO and provider wants more of them under FFS. […]

by Naveen Rao | May 28, 2014

Use As Directed: Getting the Most Out of Patient Engagement Technology

Adoption Strategy Healthcare organizations (HCO) are slowly beginning to approach patient engagement with a strategic outlook that goes beyond the […]

by John Moore | February 17, 2010

CCD Standard Gaining Traction, CCR Fading

In a number of interviews with leading HIE vendors, it is becoming clear that the clinical standard, Continuity of Care […]

by John Moore | February 20, 2008

Big News – Microsoft Fulfills Promise, HealthVault Opens Up

Received a note from a Microsoft representative today with some pretty big news regarding HealthVault.  The news centers around efforts […]

by John Moore | December 19, 2007

Halamka Demos CCD as Path Forward for PHRs

John Halamka, the CIO of Boston based Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital and Chairperson of standards organization HITSP is a daring […]

by John Moore | November 23, 2007

EMR Vendors Push CCD for Interoperability

Last week, the HIMSS Electronic Health Record Vendors Association EHRVA announced the availability of a “Quickstart Guide for CCD Standard.”  […]

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