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by Brian Murphy | February 04, 2015

Platform-as-a-Service: Old Idea but New to Healthcare

Accelerate the Industry Forward Technology companies often open up their products to create an ecosystem for third party developers. This […]

by John Moore | June 04, 2009

Sad Scale is One Sad App

While it seems that there are an unlimited number of consumer-facing mobile apps for calorie counting/diets, exercise, menstrual calendars and […]

by John Moore | October 13, 2008

Backstory on iPhone PHR: Interview with My Life Record CTO

Late last week I had the chance to speak with the creators of the only true PHR (no, I do […]

by John Moore | October 06, 2008

Monthly Visit to the AppStore

Dropped by the Apple iPhone AppStore (it’s inside iTunes) to see how the health & wellness section was doing. As […]

by John Moore | August 06, 2008

2x Growth in iPhone Apps in 2 Weeks

Just dropped by the iPhone AppStore to see if any new health & wellness applications have been added to the […]

by John Moore | July 23, 2008

Mobile Health and the iPhone

There has been a tremendous amount of buzz regarding the latest iPhone release with most of the attention focusing on […]

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