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Stunning Withdrawal of Daschle Nomination

by John Moore | February 03, 2009

daschleJust a couple of hours ago, HHS nominee for Secretary, Tom Daschle puled the plug on his nomination.  Plenty out there on various news sites regarding the story.  The Huffington Post has done a good job with a top level article and numerous links to other sites for more in-depth coverage.

What does this mean to healthcare reform?

Hard to say at this point.  In losing Daschle, Obama has lost a close confidant who knew how to work the Hill to get legislation through.  May be difficult (though not impossible) for Obama to find a replacement.  Maybe Sen. Baucus would entertain a call.  Or Obama could really stretch across the aisle and give Newt a call.

One response to “Stunning Withdrawal of Daschle Nomination”

  1. G says:

    John – second that one- Let’s throw Newt’s name in the hat – at a minimum he has an agenda that merits a fair look – better than most from the current crop at the Capitol pulpit.


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