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Special Discount on 2012 HIE Market Report

by John Moore | June 15, 2012

The 2012 HIE Market Report has seen brisk sales to date – thank you one and all for your business.

But there is just a small problem with sales, virtually all have been to consulting firms and HIT vendors. While we are more than happy to serve them, this report is also intended to serve those looking to adopt an HIE solution and need some guidance on which vendors to put on their short list (this is really are target market).  A number of organizations who purchased last year’s report found the report extremely valuable in their decision process. That’s fantastic and just what we had hoped for as core to our mission here at Chilmark Research is to provide guidance in the effective adoption and use of HIT.

We have received a number of inquiries from just such organizations since the 2012 HIE report was released yet despite their interest, they have universally stated that the report’s cost is slightly out of reach.

OK, we hear you loud and clear.

To rectify the matter, we are offering a 33% discount to the published price but this discount only goes to healthcare organizations that are looking to adopt an HIE solution (vendors, consultants, etc. are excluded from this discount). All you have to do is fire-off a quick email to us (info@chilmarkresearch.com) and we’ll provide you a discount code that you can use at check-out from the Chilmark Research Store when you purchase the report. Please use your organization’s email account so we can verify your place of employment. Also, as with any report we sell, you will receive an enterprise license which allows you to share the report with anyone in your organization, however, you can not share the report with those who are not direct employees.

Some organizations have already taken advantage of the discount and we hope you will as well. We are confident that the content contained within the 2012 HIE Report will provide you the clearest picture of the market today and the vendors servicing the market. This report will save your organization countless man-hours in collecting this information on your own. We’ve already done the work for you – take advantage of it.

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