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Chilmark Research operates on the core belief that healthcare information technology (HIT) can and does play a crucial role in improving care, but only when implementations receive buy-in from users and those at the front lines of care delivery. Engage with Chilmark to better evaluate your organization’s current needs, and the options that are going to best meet your requirements today and in the future. Don’t be stuck with a partner that only addresses today’s market conditions without a vision for the future.

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The Lighthouse Partner Program is Chilmark Research’s way of giving back to the community of healthcare leaders that we interview for our research. In exchange for time spent sharing expert insights with our team, we offer qualifying organizations free access to reports and credits to use towards custom engagements. Learn more about this program >


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Chilmark Research uses primary and secondary research to understand what areas of healthcare IT are working, what areas require caution, and how given sectors of the market will develop over time. The analyst team continuously tests assumptions about healthcare IT progress, vendors, the market, and end users, sharing findings with clients and the industry through the company blog.

  • Primary research – We solicit qualitative and quantitative data about the market from targeted stakeholders first through questionnaires and then through in-depth interviews.
  • Secondary research – We monitor industry reports, regulations, news and commentary for relevant trends and insight into the strengths and weaknesses of emerging technologies.

Throughout the research process, Chilmark Research maintains absolute objectivity. Profiled vendors have the opportunity to review their company narratives for accuracy, but not the rankings. This can at times be awkward, but independence is essential to our ability to deliver a clear, unbiased snapshot of the market and its offerings, and we go to great lengths to maintain it.

Chilmark Research reports serve the needs of technology adopters, consultants, investors, and IT vendors. Everything we do is based on our conviction that IT can transform healthcare if deployed, adopted, and used effectively. This is why we provide decision makers the highest quality insights to understand what is at stake, how technology will be used, and the impact it will have on business operations.

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Types of Reports

Market Trends Report

Signature, Domain-defining report format. These reports define core functionality and key features of solutions, examines the primary market trends and driving adoption, and evaluates vendors on their ability to deliver on the current and coming needs of healthcare organizations. We release one for each Domain on a 12-18 month cycle. Retail Cost: $6,000

Benchmark Report

These reports evaluate a problem being addressed by specific healthcare stakeholders, what different organizations are doing to solve that particular problem, and establishes benchmarks for evaluating these efforts. All CAS clients have access to these reports as part of their subscription. Retail Cost: $1,495

Market Scan Report

New for 2017. MSRs examine an emergent, typically immature and rapidly evolving space in health IT, including brief profiles of the leading vendors. Recent examples include Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges in Healthcare and Natural Language Processing: Unlocking the Potential of a Digital Healthcare Era Retail Cost: $2,750

Insight Report

These reports are shorter, more narrowly scoped research projects that focus on one specific trend or aspect of current and emerging technologies within our Domains of coverage. Recent examples include Driving Speed to Value: Three Diverse Approaches to PHM and Beyond the Portal: Technology for Improved Consumer Engagement Retail Cost: $795

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