by Brian Murphy | February 09, 2017

2017 Clinician Network Management Market Trends Report

The vendors profiled are deeply committed to making healthcare data more broadly available and useful around the healthcare system. Since our last CNM Market Trends Report these vendors have evolved their offerings to include more data types supplying a wider range of applications. Social and behavioral data is being incorporated and supplied to the point of care and for risk profile development and predictive analytics. Patient-reported data from wearables and devices is also being gradually incorporated into product plans. Most vendors also want to make this data available for new computing capabilities such as predictive modeling, machine learning, and cognitive computing.

by Jennifer Rogers | February 07, 2017

Reducing the Risk of Risk-Based Arrangements: Vendors Enabling the ACO

As healthcare continues to advance from volume-based fee-for-service (FFS) reimbursement models to value-based models, healthcare organizations (HCOs) need to embrace two key concepts to transform to an entirely new business model:

Reimbursement for quality and value
Managing both population and individual health

by Brian Murphy | December 13, 2016

APIs for a Healthcare App Economy: Paths to Market Success

A critical element of business success across industries has been the surge in use of open application programming interfaces (API) that provide data for applications that did not create or originate the data. APIs are the technical foundation of engaging interfaces and high-value interactions between different applications. Application ecosystems such ...

by Brian Eastwood | September 20, 2016

Beyond the Portal: Technology for Improved Consumer Engagement

Today, there is no all-in-one solution that provides the functionality required for the next generation of consumer engagement in healthcare. This new report clearly articulates how HCOs and other key stakeholders in the healthcare industry must work together to bring those features into a single platform that benefits all consumers regardless of age, health status, technological proficiency, or socioeconomic status.

by Robert Tholemeier | August 02, 2016

Making Healthcare Affordable: Implementing True Continuous Costing

This Chilmark Research Insight Report takes an unvarnished look at how much we pay for healthcare, where the money goes, the various approaches being taken to reduce spending, and, most importantly, the simple things that are not being done to dramatically reduce the cost of providing care.

by Jody Ranck | June 02, 2016

The Evolution to Total Active Risk

The days of clinicians viewing what happens beyond the clinical walls as none of their business are soon to be over and risk stratification methodologies are an important window into the changes to come and how clinical teams and care managers will need to partner to offer better preventive care. In this report we examine where risk models are now and where major vendors and new entrants into this space are headed with risk stratification efforts in the coming years.

by Robert Tholemeier | April 04, 2016

The Necessity of a Value Chain Model for Health Analytics

The Chilmark Research Value Chain Model will help HCOs adopt a step-by-step process to identifying the stakeholders, processes, and outcomes that are key to a 360-degree analytics strategy in a VBC model. The report provides strategic insight and guidance to anyone interested in the role that a defined analytics strategy and robust analytics platform can play in accelerating an HCO’s ability achieve the goals of VBC. HCOs, payers, healthcare IT vendors, consultants, investors, and others will all benefit from this in-depth report.

by John Moore lll | February 25, 2016

2016 Care Management Market Trends Report

At its core, care management is about delivering the right care in the right setting at the right time. This report is the result of Chilmark’s comprehensive review of over 100 solutions currently available in the market, for which a subset of leading vendors have been comprehensively reviewed (20 in-depth profiles, 9 additional discussed). These solutions will be critical to enable an HCOs population health management strategy.

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