by Alex Lennox-Miller | August 18, 2020

Revenue Integrity in Healthcare: Solutions Driving Payment Performance

Revenue cycle issues manifest in the claims process of submission, appeal, and remittance, but causes are found much earlier in clinical workflows. Rather than think of these as disparate issues, they should all be considered under a broader category of revenue integrity. This latest report from Chilmark Research reveals a market in flux as new technologies are applied to old problems, increasingly complicated by contracts that include performance and reporting requirements.

by Brian Murphy | July 27, 2020

Open APIs in Healthcare: The Future of Data Integration

This report is available to subscribers of the Chilmark Advisory Service or may be purchased separately by clicking below. To accompany the release of this report, lead author Brian Murphy hosted a webinar presenting and discussing the report's key findings — watch here. As healthcare enterprises look to bounce back ...

by Jody Ranck | March 02, 2020

The Promise of AI and ML in Healthcare: Opportunities, Challenges, and Vendor Landscape

Chilmark Research’s latest report, The Promise of AI/ML in Healthcare, is the most comprehensive report published on this rapidly evolving market with nearly 120 vendors discussed. The report explores opportunities, trends, and the rapidly evolving landscape for vendors, tracing the evolution from early artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) use in medical imaging to today’s rich array of vendor solutions in medical imaging, business operations, clinical decision support, research and drug development, patient-facing applications, and more.

by John Moore | January 27, 2020

A Path to Value for Population Health: Adopting a Value Chain Model

Today, the expansion of various VBC contracts all have one thing in common: shifting the financial risk of patient care from payers to providers. Increasingly, healthcare organizations are recognizing that a population health management (PHM) platform is a critical tool to manage both the covered patients in VBC contracts and ...

by Brian Murphy | November 08, 2019

2019 Healthcare Payer Analytics Market Trends Report

This comprehensive report provides an overview of the payer analytics and reporting market and evaluates offerings from 18 leading vendors, classified under three categories based on data focus: claims analytics, clinical analytics, and technology-enabled services vendors. Each profile includes an assessment of the vendor’s strengths and challenges, plus detailed descriptions and evaluations of both the product capabilities and market execution across 21 categories.

by Alex Lennox-Miller | October 28, 2019

Primary Care for the 21st Century: Technology-Enabled and On Demand

This latest report from Chilmark Research, Primary Care in the 21st Century: Technology-Enabled and On Demand, examines three new types of solutions that contribute to or complement the modern technology-enabled primary care practice: Telehealth, Virtual and Remote Care Platforms (including behavioral health, AI-Enabled Assistants, Symptom Checkers and Chatbots. These new methods of delivering technology-enabled primary care offer novel ways for patients to access care directly, for providers to gain greater visibility into the patient’s life and experience, and for both sides of the care loop to communicate. If primary care barriers to access, burden, and costs are not addressed, patients will continue to move towards solutions that offer convenience but do not help with long-term care and needs, such as retail and urgent health clinics. These technology solutions offer ways to not just improve care but to support value-based payment models that will soon be the norm.

by Jody Ranck | August 19, 2019

Precision Medicine and Health IT: New Data, New Challenges

This report discusses the broader definition of precision medicine and introduces the various -omics data now being collected for PM purposes. Afterward, the report looks at how EHRs and other health IT platforms are currently integrating this information (or not) and what major hurdles continue to limit the possibility of more broad implementation of precision medicine strategies.

by Brian Murphy | March 19, 2019

2019 Healthcare Provider Analytics Market Trends Report

This comprehensive report provides an overview of the market for provider enterprise analytics and evaluates offerings from 23 vendors. It finds that vendor offerings mirror EHR penetration. Providers in acute and ambulatory settings have many choices for analytics across multiple use cases. Providers in post-acute settings and others with low-EHR penetration have relatively fewer choices.

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