by Matt Guldin | January 14, 2016

Directional Guidance on IBM’s Explorys-Phytel Acquisitions

Recently, IBM briefed Chilmark Research on its integration activities regarding its two acquisitions, Explorys and Phytel. The intention of the briefing was to show how these two solutions might work in the future along with their current state of their functionality. It did not address the recent Merge acquisition, any ...

by John Moore lll | December 16, 2015

Bridging the Genomics – Health IT Gap for Precision Medicine

Since the White House launched its Precision Medicine initiative in January 2015 there has been a great deal of buzz about personalized or precision medicine and the future of healthcare. “Personalized medicine” is an older term and is gradually falling by the wayside as critics think that it denotes a ...

by John Moore lll | November 20, 2015

Health Plan Shopping Must Evolve

The functionality of and the state insurance exchanges has improved markedly since their near-disastrous rollouts in October 2013, but many companies nonetheless believe they can make the process of buying health insurance as consumer-friendly as other online shopping experiences. With the third year of open enrollment underway, startups as ...

by John Moore lll | November 11, 2015

Health IT for Behavioral and Mental Healthcare Today

While the landmark health reform laws enacted in 2009 (HITECH Act) and 2010 (Affordable Care Act, or ACA) have begun transforming certain aspects of the US healthcare system, they have not had a meaningful impact on behavioral and mental health care delivery. Patients in need of these services already face ...

by Jody Ranck | November 04, 2015

Data Lakes and Data Swamps

Traditional approaches to data warehouses often imposed data models on large datasets up-front that had implications downstream for more advanced analytics. Early-binding approaches mean less flexibility in the choice of data models downstream. The concept of the Data Lake can both enable a more flexible approach to analytics and enables ...

by John Moore lll | October 26, 2015

Cerner’s HealtheIntent Gaining Significant Traction

Several years ago, at a similar CHC event in 2012, we had our first glimpse at Cerner’s HealtheIntent strategy. HealtheRegistries (previously known as SmartRegistries), a solution they co-developed with Advocate Physician Partners, was the first solution, which went GA in December 2013. Initial impressions were positive. Cerner correctly recognized that ...

by John Moore lll | October 20, 2015

Combating the Cadillac Tax with Wellness

The Affordable Care Act’s so-called “Cadillac tax” of high-priced employer insurance plans has drawn the ire of Presidential candidates, members of Congress, and the general public. All fear that the intentions of the tax – penalizing generous plans that let members receive costly healthcare services they don’t always need – ...

by John Moore lll | October 06, 2015

Is the Clash of Cultures Slowing Adoption of Clinician Use of Analytics?

A common storyline we are hearing these days is that physician adoption of clinical decision support tools and analytics in general is slow, often taking years to fully engage with new clinical decision support (CDS) systems. The concerns over clinician adoption are growing as data analytics become more commonplace with ...

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