Sample Domain Monitors

by Fatma Niang | September 26, 2022

Ambiguities on the Horizon for Interoperability Laws

What exactly is set to change come October 6th? How does this change patient engagement strategies? Key Takeaways Recognizing that implementing a rule that favors information sharing while giving discretion to entities is a monumental change. Various entities are unprepared and assert that they need more time, particularly those for ...

by Jody Ranck | February 09, 2022

The Future of the Metaverse in Healthcare

Key Takeaways Facebook’s rebranding as Meta has been driving attention to the concept of the metaverse as the next major paradigm in technology, but as a concept, it still lacks clarity. Most discussions of the metaverse are focused on applications utilizing AR/VR. These are components of the metaverse, but the ...

by John Moore | November 30, 2021

RWE/RWD: COVID as an Accelerant for the Secondary Data Use Market [Monitor]

Key Takeaways Data owners (hospital systems and payers) and data stewards (EHR and analytics vendors) are accelerating the access to de-identified patient data for secondary use cases, particularly for life sciences. Commoditization of such datasets will occur within five years.Payer and life sciences are dominant markets for real world data ...

by Matt Guldin | October 08, 2019

Integrating Social Determinants of Health into Provider-Led Care Management

Chilmark Advisory Services Analytics Domain Monitor (March 2017) There is increasing emphasis on the social determinants of health (SDoH) and the role they play in an individual's health and subsequently, their medical care. Healthcare organizations and care management vendors are just beginning to undertake capturing this data in more detail. ...

by Chilmark Team | June 18, 2019

Algorithmic Intelligence: Marketing Claims vs. Capabilities

Chilmark Advisory Services Analytics Domain Monitor (January 2018) By Ken Kleinberg and Brian Edwards As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) gain traction in healthcare, marketing hype has increased. Healthcare organizations can vet and verify vendor claims against best practices by using operational definitions, gaining visibility into the model ...

by Chilmark Team |

Seeking ROI in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Chilmark Advisory Service Analytics Domain Monitor (December 2017) By Ken Kleinberg and Brian Edwards Artificial intelligence (AI), especially the sub-area of machine learning (ML), offers the healthcare industry the potential to increase the productivity of clinicians and support staff. Big Data, rapidly decreasing costs for distributed computing infrastructure, and more ...

by Brian Murphy | May 22, 2019

The ONC Turns its Attention to Interoperability

Chilmark Advisory Service Interoperability Domain Monitor (January 2018) A primer on what is in the first draft of ONC's proposed TEFCA, including intended use cases, unaddressed but important issues, how it may interact with other regulations, and who benefits. Key Takeaways:  Congress required ONC to set rules for trusted exchange ...

by Brian Murphy |

What Will ONC Do With TEFCA?

Chilmark Bight from May 2018: Major issues raised by stakeholders about the 1st draft of TEFCA ONC’s draft Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) and U.S. Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI), required by the 21st Century Cures Act, generated a mountain of comments from healthcare stakeholders. In Table 1, ...

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