Custom Research

In addition to reports for the general market, Chilmark Research performs targeted research for companies and organizations seeking the perspective of an independent third party. Our research services include:

  • Targeted studies
  • Competitive analyses
  • Market opportunity assessments
  • Strategic assessments of the market and vendors for potential partnership or acquisition


Current and Future State of Image Exchange

Prepared for lifeIMAGE (click here to download)

January 2012 The medical image sharing company, lifeIMAGE commissioned Chilmark Research to delve into methods Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) use to share medical images between care settings and providers. Not surprisingly, our research found that most providers did not have a way to readily exchange and collaborate on a given imaging study at the time of this report. Yet we also saw many signs of imminent change. The report we prepared for lifeIMAGE includes case studies of four large healthcare providers at varying stages of adopting cloud technology for image exchange, examines challenges and barriers to adoption, and concludes with recommendations for HCOs looking to get ahead of the image-sharing and collaboration curve.


Employer Health Trends

Chilmark Research conducted extensive primary research interviewing leading health benefit consultants across the country. The final report provided an in-depth look at current and future trends among employers seeking to lower their employee risk profile. One critical finding was that the employer market can be readily segmented into three tiers, each having significantly different characteristics that define how they approach employee health initiatives.

Healthcare Information Exchange Market Assessment

Going beyond the in-depth research contained within our annual Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) Market Trends Report, this project provided the client with specific guidance on the HIE market, vendor capabilities and markets they serve. Client applied the results of this research to direct their HIE partnership strategy, which continues to deliver successful market penetration for their unique solutions offering in the HIE market.

Aging in Place

A leader in services for elderly citizens looked to Chilmark Research to perform primary and secondary research on the technology sectors that would enable an “Aging in Place” healthcare delivery model. From remote sensing (biometrics), to telemedicine and internet-based services, this final product of this research effort provided the client clear direction as to the opportunities present and the leading players that comprise the aging in place market.

EHR & Meaningful Use Implications for Med Devices

As the healthcare sector becomes increasingly digitized through the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) under the HITECH Act. The future will likely see the acceptance of patient derived biometric data within Stage 3 meaningful use requirements. The client first sought an understanding of current EHR adoption trends in conjunction with analysis of likely outcome scenarios for acceptance of patient, biometric data in the future.

Other Engagements:

  • RCM Competitive Market Review
  • Payer Adoption Trends of Consumer Technology for Member Engagement
  • Current State of Med Adherence Programs, What is Working, Where are the Gaps
  • Personal Health Records, Where is Technology and Adoption Headed

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