Current Projects

We are currently working on a number of exciting, in-depth market research reports that will be completed and released over the next few months. Learn more about what we’re working on and to learn more about our pre-order 15% discount.


First Quarter 2019

Second Quarter 2019

  • Front Door to Care Monitor (Alex Lennox-Miller, John Moore)
  • Payment Integrity Market Trends Report (Brian Murphy, Matt Guldin)
  • Creating and Enabling High-Performance Networks Monitor (Matt Guldin)
  • Convergence Monitor (John Moore)

Third Quarter 2019

  • Data Integration Platforms Market Trends Report (Brian Murphy, Brian Edwards)
  • Defining and Creating Value From PHM Programs Monitor (John Moore, Matt Guldin)

Fourth Quarter 2019

  • 2019 Care Management Market Trends Report (Matt Guldin)
  • IT-Enabled Services for PHM Market Trends Report (Brian Murphy, Matt Guldin)
  • 2019 Engagement Market Trends Report (Alex Lennox-Miller, Matt Guldin)

To learn more, submit requests to interview to help us shape the story being told, or just to take advantage of our 15% pre-order discount, feel free to contact John Moore directly.

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