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Rant: Huffington Post No Friend to Small Business

by John Moore | November 03, 2009

A bit miffed right now with the Huffington Post.

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by one of their reporters regarding the proposal to rename and refocus the federal government’s National Health Information Network (NHIN) the Health Internet.  The reporter did a fine job on the article, well researched, well written and I was quoted.

Problem was my attribution.  Initially, the article read John Moore, healthcare blogger.  No, that is incorrect I told the reporter on Monday.  I am an industry analyst and founder of the analyst firm Chilmark Research LLC.  I requested that they change the attribution to reference my affiliation to Chilmark Research.  No go. The best they said they could do was to reference me as an analyst.

Now if it were an analyst firm like Gartner, Forrester, heck even IDC, they would likely reference these firms along with the analyst quote.  So why not a small firm such as Chilmark Research that is relatively new to the market?  No answer.

I even argued that numerous publications including InformationWeek, Health Data Management, HealthIT News, the AMA, and many others recognize Chilmark Research as a viable firm. And certainly my clients, including several Fortune 500 firms also recognize Chilmark Research.

So what gives Huffington Post?  Why do you choose not to acknowledge a small firm?  Again, no answer.

And to think, I once thought Huffington Post was a truly reputable eZine.  They have certainly slipped a few notches in my book.

One response to “Rant: Huffington Post No Friend to Small Business”

  1. G says:

    John – hell with Huffpos – dont give them another byline again – those link bait bloggers and cookie monsters – Ii stopped reading them many moons ago….

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