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Provider-Led Care Management: Trends and Opportunities in a Growing Market

by John Moore lll | April 26, 2016

Join us this today at 1 pm ET/10 am PT for a special, free webinar sponsored by HIStalk. Matt Guldin, lead analyst on our recent Care Management Market Trends report, will be presenting some of the key findings of this inaugural, market-defining report.

At its core, care management is about delivering the right care in the right setting at the right time, all in the name of closing the care gaps that lead to unnecessary hospitalizations, readmissions, duplicated treatments, and the onset of comorbidities. This aligns with the Triple Aim – improving the care experience, improving population health, and reducing overall care costs – as well as the emerging Quadruple Aim, which adds the goal of improving the experience for those who deliver care.

HIT vendors are responding to these needs with products that let multi-disciplinary clinical care teams from different HCOs build and execute evidence-based care plans. Our March report points to an important, ongoing challenge — incorporating cross-organizational and handoff considerations into existing workflows. For most of these solutions, clinicians toggle from their electronic health record (EHR) to a clinical portal to access care management functionality. EHR vendors have incorporated care management functionality into their products and are building on existing customer relationships to see good initial uptake of their offerings, but again, these solutions fall short of engaging the extended community.

This presentation will provide a brief overview of the provider-led care management market including its current state and where Matt sees the industry headed in the near-term future. Additionally, the webinar will provide a high-level vendor landscape identifying the types of vendors in this market, their current and longer-term challenges, product capabilities of available solutions, partnership activity, and market dynamics influencing adoption. The conclusion will provide insights into what will be some of the key factors moving ahead for vendors in this market and the solutions they are offering.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify some of the current issues in the provider-led care management market and where it is headed in the future
  2. Identify the types of vendors currently in this market including some specific vendors
  3. Overview of the current and future challenges that vendors face in this market
  4. Review the market dynamics and what we found in the study including the current state of vendor solutions
  5. Conclusions about where this market is headed and some of the factors that will be critical for vendors to address with their solutions

We hope you can join us an look forward to answering your questions about this important, developing market. Register here >

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  1. Sue Ann says:

    Will you also talk about how to get 3rd party payers to pay for these services/advice/contact? Cuz they usually aren’t into prevention as much as avoidance, to the point of evading if possible.

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