As RWD/RWE offerings quickly become fundamental tools for enabling healthcare informatics, established entities will continue to enter this space by leveraging their unique data (ie Epic, Flatiron, PointClickCare), creating joint ventures with other organizations (Truveta, McKesson/HCA), or acquiring organizations that complement a core strategic initiative (ie Invitae, ThermoFisher). This is also an appealing opportunity for new entrants with novel data acquisition and/or processing models that can expose different insights than legacy solutions.

The research is relevant to any healthcare stakeholder looking to leverage real-world data for evidence-based decision making. Providers and payers will appreciate the comprehensive overview of market solutions and vendor types, with the follow-on Buyers’ Guide providing more specific recommendations. Technology vendors and investors will find valuable the detailed discussion of which trends are impacting buyer behavior and the Buyers’ Guide Preview introducing how solutions will be evaluated in the next phase of this research. Finally, life sciences companies will benefit from the in-depth examinations of what’s changing as new solutions come to market, and which partners are best aligned for their needs in trials recruitment or regulatory filing.

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