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Presenting to Sec. Leavitt

by John Moore | July 24, 2008

Next week on July 29th, I have the honor to give a presentation at the “Community Meeting” of AHIC in Washington D.C.  While the link is thin on details, it does provide one with a link to listen in on this meeting, via video webcasting.

So what is the main purpose of the meeting?

It is to provide an update to the government policy makers, including Dept. of Health and Human Services Secretary Leavitt, and the public on: “The Evolving Landscape of Products and Approaches that Consumers may use to “mobilize” (access, use, and share) their Personal Health Information (PHI)”.

My presentation will focus on what are some of the current market trends and technologies now being offered to and used by consumers for PHI.  The presentation will leverage results of our recent research report on the PHR market and our continuing research on the broader issues of consumer-facing HIT, of which PHI is a subset.

Quite an honor to be a part to this event in which I’ll be joined by such well-known speakers on the topic as Carol Diamond of The Markle Foundation, Sean Nolan of HealthVault, Jeff Blair of the Lovelace Clinic Foundation, Will Crawford of Children’s Hospital of Boston and Jerry Bradshaw, Executive Director HIN, Arkansas BCBS among others.

I’ll provide a report next week on the meeting, including the slide deck I plan to use – so stay tuned.

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