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PHR Certification Looking for Input

by John Moore | September 19, 2008

Now, I am no fan of the whole CCHIT initiative to develop a certification process for PHRs as this market is far too immature.  But continue on they do and whether I like it or not matters little for the simple fact that a gargantuan organization representing millions, (hint their acronym is CMS) will demand that any PHR they push to their constiuents have such certification.  At this point about the only thing I can hope for is that the group in charge with creating the standards for certification keep it loose and not too prescriptive.

Thus, though I cringe at reporting these developments, report I must as they are important and will influence the market and its direction.

Today, received notice (caution PDF) that CCHIT has completed the draft certification criteria for PHRs.  They have set up a website, really nothing more than a Blog, where they will post the draft criteria on Sept. 29th for a a 30-day comment period.  They will also be hosting a Town Hall teleconference on October 10th to solicit feedback as well.

CCHIT is really hoping for consumer input(s) to the process and it will be interesting to see just how much consumer input they receive.  My hunch: It will be quite small as the vast majority of consumers either do not know what a PHR is and if they do, really are not engage at this level of discussion.

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