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by | Oct 31, 2008

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite days and always though it would make a great national holiday for the simple reason that it allows us to take on any persona we desire, for a day or evening.

Tonight, I will dress in my traditional garb of long hooded cape and a mask I made several years ago (very witch doctor like) and stand as if I were a statue on the front porch patiently awaiting to scare the bejezus out of all passers by. The best are the cocky teenage boys trying to show how cool they are in front of the girls. Have had many a good laugh with the girls as the boys go running down the street screaming.

Though you may not be trick or treating in my neighborhood and thus miss the “trick” the clip below is from one of the classics, Nosferatu.

Enjoy and may you have a spooktacular evening.


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  1. Larry

    I agree.. Halloween is my favorite holiday for the same reason. Great clip btw

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