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Old School PHR at Barnes & Noble

by John Moore | December 08, 2008

Yesterday, went shopping for Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews. Since the beginning, have stuck to giving books as gifts until the kids reach about 13, then its on to things like iTunes GCs. So far, no complaints (actually, if they have someone to read to them, kids absolutely love books!).

Cruising the aisles of Barnes & Noble stumbled upon a truly portable, albeit old school PHR – a three ring binder. Opened it up to find several dividers and basic paper forms to fill out. Had heard of these things, but thought they went out with the buggy whip. Imagine my surprise when the sales person told me they have sold quite a few recently.

Three-ring PHR

Maybe all this talk of health reform is getting people to start thinking about managing their own records. Then again, it could be all the lay-offs and bankruptcy filings that are forcing people into COBRAs or worse. Hopefully, it is more of the former, than the latter.

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