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Off to the Kill

by John Moore | April 09, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day.

Tomorrow I race the Queen of the Classics, the Tour of Battenkill.  Though I originally intended, maybe half jokingly in this year’s predictions, to “podium” (that’s a top three spot for you non-racer types) in my category at Battenkill, I have now set my sights a tad lower as I just have not been able to get in the volume of training needed for this brute of a race.

My new goal:

To not have a pulmonary meltdown on one of the last climbs (Meetinghouse Hill) of this 62 mile, paved and dirt road race in upstate NY.

Wish me luck – I have a feeling I’m going to need it!


3 responses to “Off to the Kill”

  1. Michael Jahn says:

    I would normally say “break a leg!” but you seem to take things like that litteraly, so i will stick with the more traditional “Best of luck!”

  2. fluckzilla says:

    Jahn, you’re stalking me again. Best of luck, John.

    • John says:

      Thanks for the well wishes at “The Kill”

      Brief summary:
      Race started cold (42degrees), cloudy and windy (15-20 knots). Some 100 riders in my category with a major break occurring on the first big dirt road climb. Missed the break, burned most of my matches working with 2 other riders to bridge up. The bridge didn’t happen, though we ended up collecting about 9 other riders (dropped from front grp) and we worked it hard for the remaining 50+ miles – did I say i was windy? – echelons through most of the race.

      The last 10 miles were particularly tough, undulating hills, steep dirt climbs, steep technical descents. Came into the last 500m, there were six of us left. One jumped, others followed, I tired and left calf completely cramped up – had to sit down and power through to finish. Ended up catching the guy who first jumped at 500m. Our grp came in about 3-4min behind front grp and 10 min behind winner.

      My total elapsed time for 62mile race: 3:04hrs

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