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NEWS FLASH: iPHR Market Report Now Available

by John Moore | May 21, 2008

The long awaited PHR Market Report that we at Chilmark Research have been tirelessly working on is now available for purchase. Titled, iPHR Market Report, Analysis & Trends in Internet-based Personal Health Records, this 100+ page report provides a comprehensive and timely report on where this market is today and where it is headed. A core feature of the report are the 20 iPHR Vendor Profiles, a sample of which (on RelayHealth) we revealed to you a couple of weeks back.

The biggest challenge in producing a report of this magnitude is insuring that it is comprehensive, current and relevant. We firmly believe you will find that this report will exceed your expectations on all these counts. And rest assured, with all the activity that is occurring in this important market segment, we will not simply forget about this market as we move to another, but will keep an active file (active is an understatement in this fast moving market) and will update this report, at a minimum, on an annual basis, provided of course the market shows us there is a demand for such a report.

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