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Measuring Patient Engagement

by | April 01, 2014

Rise of Consumer Engagement

As Healthcare organizations (HCOs) begin to go “beyond the portal” with their approaches to patient engagement, they are broadening the strategy around measuring interactions and engagements with patients and consumers. Historically, these measures have mostly been limited to formalized, survey-driven frameworks for patient satisfaction. More recently, the Meaningful Use program put into place the first real impetus for IT-driven measurement of patient engagement with a handful of basic measures. Moving into tomorrow, a new crop of risk-bearing, “self-aware” delivery systems has started to dig deeper into tracking patient and provider activity in real-time so as to improve effectiveness and efficiency of clinical and business operations. This burgeoning shift, led in no small part by the new crop of vendors dedicated to patient engagement, has several short and mid-term implications for the HIT market.

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