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Meaningful Use Hits the Streets Tomorrow…

by John Moore | June 15, 2009

recovery…or at least the first draft of meaningful use.  As just about everyone who has not had their heads in the sand for the last four months knows, the definition of meaningful use is critical to future ARRA funding distribution for “certified EHR” adoption.

It is being widely reported, including a direct quote from John Glaser, who is on loan from Partners Healthcare to assist David Blumenthal at ONC to usher in the execution framework for ARRA funding, that the HIT Policy Committee, will submit its recommendation of meaningful use criteria to ONC on June 16th. Early reports are that meaningful use criteria will initially have a low threshold (2011) but will be tightened in 2yr increments (2013 & 2015).

Chilmark has written plenty on this topic before (links below – have highlighted some of the most popular ones) and will refrain from any further prognosticating.  Once the recommendations are released, we will give it a thorough review.

Projecting release of recommendations for June 16th (learned about this one via Twitter source).

Wondering if meaningful use will impact PHR market

Looking at how “Meaningful Use” can be meaningful

First post (Feb 16, 2009) when meaningful use issue was raised in context of overall ARRA.

Also, below is a chart that outlines the work schedule for HITSP. Within it, you can ascertain some idea of the aggressive schedule now in place to get Stimulus $$$ flowing into the healthcare sector.


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