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Long Road Ahead for Consumerism in Healthcare

by John Moore | June 25, 2008

My buddy, Steve Case, over at Revolution Health stated in his keynote yesterday at the Healthcare Financial Mgmt. Assoc. Conf. that shifting to a consumer centric model in healthcare with enabling IT will be a 10-20 year journey.  Having already spent nearly $500M on Revolution Health, seen two rounds of lay-offs within the last year, one has to wonder will Steve and his Revolution Health team even be around in 10 years.

His heart may be in it but I’m not seeing the gray matter being used to create a strategy for the long-term.  Unless there are some big changes in strategy, I give them 5 years max.  Would give them less, but based on personal experience many years ago, I learned it takes a lot to kill a company.

One response to “Long Road Ahead for Consumerism in Healthcare”

  1. Heather says:

    Agreed. They are trying to do a lot of things, but they are not doing any single thing well.

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