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Is that a Dark Cloud on the Horizon?

by John Moore | June 26, 2008

The latest issue of HIStalk mentioned a recent post by noted Harvard Professor Nick Carr (he wrote the controversial book, Does IT Matter).

The post addresses the rapidly evolving trend towards “Cloud Computing” and raises a number of issues/implications that cloud computing may present.

As all Personal Health System (PHS) platforms (Dossia, Google and HealthVault) are built upon the cloud computing concept, this post by Nick Carr is a must read for anyone trying to understand what cloud computing means to personal health information.

Is that “Stormy Weather” I hear in the background?


2 responses to “Is that a Dark Cloud on the Horizon?”

  1. Peter Frishauf says:

    Who cares about Nick Carr when we have Lena to melt all our troubles away?

    If the cloud computing geniuses are as careful as the producers of 1930s Hollywood gems like this, we will be in good hands :)! No better 6 minutes of time spent than watching this YouTube clip. Thanks, John.

  2. John says:

    Yes, Peter, careful fore-thought on cloud computing and privacy will address many concerns. Unfortunately, I have not seen a lot demonstrated to date.

    Maybe they need to find a couple of ol’school Hollywood producers.

    And yes, Lena is simply magnificent!

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