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Is Aetna Janus with Two Faces?

by John Moore | October 04, 2007

Just saw over on the WSJ Healthcare Blog that Aetna’s CEO, Ronald Williams is claiming that Microsoft is just pushing “Vaporware” with its launch of HealthVault. Having already done some cursory analysis of the HealthVault site, I can confidently say that it is not vaporware, though it may be a bit thin in places.

Hope to have a more thorough review tomorrow. However, I have banged on the search engine feature – initial impressions are favorable. Microsoft has done a nice job of restructuring MedStory to be more consumer friendly and their partnership with others for content, e.g., Mayo Clinic is welcomed.

Getting back to Aetna…

What I find so ironic about Williams’ comments is that while Willliams is blasting Microsoft and its HealthVault platform, a subsidiary of Aetna, ActiveHealth which was acquired by Aetna to provide Aetna customers with their own PHR announced today that they are partnering with Microsoft’s HealthVault.

Looks like Ronald Williams needs to look a little more closely at the Microsoft HealthVault platform, for if I’m reading the the ActiveHealth PR correctly, it would appear that the ActivePHR is an integral part of HealthVault. So does that mean Williams is claiming that his own company’s ActiveHealth platform is vaporware as well?

Apparently not, for if you read the ActiveHealth PR closely you’ll see at the bottom this quote from Williams:
“Microsoft HealthVault provides ActiveHealth with a powerful platform to directly reach consumers with the CareEngine,” said Ronald A. Williams, Chairman and CEO of Aetna, parent of ActiveHealth Management.

Now I have to wonder, did Williams really say that? If yes, it sure runs counter to what he is reported to have said to the folks that run the WSJ Healthcare blog.

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