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iPHR Market Report Executive Summary Now Up at Scribd

by John Moore | February 01, 2010

Chilmark Research has just released the Executive Summary of its iPHR Market Report to the general public via the open publishing website, Scribd.

Maybe this was an act of generosity in honor of the shortest month of the year.

Maybe this is just to further get the word out on Chilmark Research in advance of the big industry confab HIMSS, which begins one month to the day from today’s date.

Or maybe this is just in response to the upcoming eBook wars between Amazon and Apple.

Then again, maybe it was just time to allow the broader healthcare community to take advantage of this report in light of future “meaningful use” requirements where those seeking federal stimulus dollars for the adoption and use of certified EHRs will need to provide their customers with a PHR by 2013 (at least that is what the draft rules are calling for).

So with that, please have at it and if you have any follow-on comments regarding the content of this Executive Summary (you even will get some idea as to the entire report’s content via the Table of Contents) please let us know (leave them at the bottom of this post) as we will be updating the report in 2010 with a particular emphasis on meaningful use requirements and provider-centric PHRs.

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  2. John,

    Why is HealthVault missing from your TOC, which includes a section on Google Health?


    See http://oakleafblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/windows-azure-and-cloud-computing-posts_28.html#Live

  3. John says:

    HealthVault is missing for they do not consider themselves a PHR and when this report was published, they really were not as they did not have many of the features found in a PHR, rather HV was a data repository for PHI and other apps, such as CapMed, Medikeeper and NoMoreClipboard provided the PHR functionality.

    Google Health, on the other hand, when released had far more PHR functionality built into the base app/repository, thus their inclusion into the iPHR Mkt Rpt.

    If Chilmark was to do the study today, we would likely include HealthVault due to the build-out of functionality since its initial release wherein organizations like New York Presbyterian are using HV as the PHR for their customers/patients.

  4. I would read this but it Scribd looks terrible on my screen, printing crashed my browser and downloading requires me to create an account with Scribd, why not just provide a PDF?

    • John says:

      If you go to the Available Reports page of this website, you will find a link to the “Chilmark Research Store” (http://www.chilmarkresearchstore.com/) wherein you can freely download a PDF of the Exec. Summary, but you will have to register (provide name and address) to get the copy. Don’t worry, no intentions to SPAM you or anyone else downloading the report. Will use your address only to announce any forthcoming reports on PHR market. Note that we are planning to do a report in 2010 on provider-centric PHRs.

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