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HL7 Releases Draft Standard of PHR-FM

by John Moore | December 16, 2008

The HIT standards organization, HL7 sent out a press release today announcing that the PHR Systems Functional Model (PHRS-FM) is now available for trial use.  This functional model has been in the making for ages (glad no businesses were depending on this model to make their mark) and now we have a draft standard for trial use.The PR makes many bold claims as to the usefulness of the PHRS-FM, claims I find a bit preposterous as it is the market that defines what is functional, not some group of medical academics sitting around a table and pondering big thoughts about what is and is not a PHR.

Ah, but I digress.

You can get your own copy of the draft standard over on the HL7 website, if you can find it (I couldn’t, simply doid not have the patience).  The HL7 website must have been developed by a sadist who loves to torture people by purposely making it nearly impossible to find anything, including the PHRS-FM document.  Did he/she not read the book Don’t Make Me Think?

2 responses to “HL7 Releases Draft Standard of PHR-FM”

  1. John Dzivak says:

    (argh) after 30 minutes of trying to locate the doc on their site (only dead links) and reading all the postings announcing its release, nothing. (sigh) Will osmeone please post this doc?

  2. John says:

    I spent some time looking on the HL7 site and came up empty handed as well. Used the search tool on HL7 site, terrible. Tried a Google search, nothing. Reread the press release hoping, praying that there would be a direct link to the document, nothing!

    And this is the organization that is “in charge” of developing some of the most prominent healthcare standards and what CCHIT wants to use (CCD) for PHRs?

    I have a bad feeling about this, a VERY BAD feeling.

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