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HIT Market White Hot

by John Moore | February 09, 2010

Doing some quick analysis of the healthcare IT market and have uncovered some 17 HIT software acquisitions since beginning of year.

Is this but a lead up to the big industry confab, HIMSS that begins in a few short weeks?

Certainly, the market is in desperate need of consolidation. Recent actions are likely but a small example of a trend that will accelerate over the next 12-18 months.

2 responses to “HIT Market White Hot”

  1. mario says:

    What were the 17? Which do you see at being the most significant?

  2. John says:

    Having some difficulty with putting up a ful post via WordPress. Hope to have it resolved today at which point I’ll put up a more complete post with a list of the 17 I have cataloged.

    In answer to your immediate question, IBM’s acquisition of Initiate is one of the more significant acquisitions to date.

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