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HealthVault Developers’ Conference – Presentations Up

by John Moore | June 18, 2008

Microsoft held its first developers’ conference last week, a sell-out affair with over 500 participants representing some 200+ organizations. From my sources, heard it was a good event for those who are new to HealthVault. For those who have already signed-on as partners, not much new. More a rehash of previous marketing/positioning statements and progress reports: gaining momentum (now have 36 apps and 50 devices live for HealthVault), over 9.5k downloads of the SDK and of course update on the building-out of the platform.

Again a lot of emphasis on commitment to “Openness”, consumer control, and privacy – all statements that are quite reminiscent of IndivoHealth, the platform that well preceded HealthVault developed at Children’s Hospital Boston, which is the basis for Dossia.

In keeping with their Openness policy, the HealthVault group posted today all slides from the event for ready viewing by anyone. Be forewarned, rather than putting the slides up in some universal format, (e.g., PDF), the slides are all in the latest PowerPoint format, (ppsx). (Not sure how “Open” that is) In a little twist of irony, I can not open these slides in MS Office PowerPoint for the Mac, but guess what, Apple’s own presentation creation package, Keynote, opens these files just fine. Did get a chuckle out of that.

After a very late night last night, have not had sufficient time or energy to go through all of the slide decks to provide a thorough analysis. That being said, did cruise thorough How They Intend to Make $$$ slide deck which outlined some new directions – quite interesting. Stay tuned, more to come tomorrow.

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