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Google’s Semi-official Announcement

by John Moore | February 22, 2008

While Google let Cleveland Clinic do most of the talking about their partnership (only a small quote in the Cleveland Clinic PR from Marissa), Google did have a Blog posting by one of the software engineers on their healthcare team, Alan Newberger which was posted yesterday.

Pretty thin post that will tell you nothing new, well you do get to learn about Alan’s allergies, but that appears to be part of Google’s overall strategy, releasing small dribs and drabs of information on their healthcare intentions and let others do the talking for them.

Quite a change from the days when Adam Bosworth was leading the Google initiative as Adam had no qualms about delving much deeper into the issues of personal healthcare as this post from March 2007 clearly shows. Hopefully, Google will be more forthcoming in the future, but my gut tells me, don’t hold your breath.

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