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Good Event Coming Up

by John Moore | March 07, 2008

The World Health Care Congress will have its 5th annual event this coming April 21-23 in Washington DC. Quite an impressive line-up of speakers (Toby Cosgrove will be there) with sessions targeting all healthcare stakeholders, from heath plans to employers to providers and everything in-between. It’s all there.

Heavy on the policy side (after all it is being held in Washington) with sessions targeted at addressing high, executive-level conversations regarding broader business issues practices, this is a excellent event to get a broader understanding of how these executives perceive the changes taking place in their industry and how they are responding to those changes.

For me personally, there are several sessions addressing consumer engagement issues that I’ll be sitting in on such as the one on Critical Health IT – Implementing PHRs and EMRs for Improved Transparency, which will be interesting for the simple fact of hearing the two sole presenters, each from Insurance companies (curious that a provider was left out of this session). Or this one: Impact of Disintermediaries and Building a New Value Proposition with both Microsoft’s Neupert and the CEO of The Regence Group presenting.

While this event may not have all the digerati that Health2.0 had this week or the deep dive into all things healthcare IT of HIMSS, it will provide good networking and perspective from the top.

If you are interested in attending, contact us: info@chilmarkresearch.com and we’ll bounce back an email with a special Chilmark Research discount.

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