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Going off the Grid

by John Moore | August 04, 2010

Time to take a brief reprise from all things electronic, all things IT.

Over the next several days, I’ll be venturing forth into the proverbial wilderness of my home state of Colorado.  There is a particular wilderness hike/backpacking trip that I have not been on in over a decade. The hike takes one up to the highest hot springs in North America, elevation 11,200′ then over a pass at nearly 13,000′ then on down through a valley of wildflowers flanked by what are some of the most beautiful mountains I know, the Maroon Bells (see picture).

Hope all readers also have an opportunity to jump off the grid this summer to spend time with family, friends and themselves.  Such a break, at least for me, always give one perspective that can not be obtained when one is consistently, dare I say obsessively, connected to all things digital.

3 responses to “Going off the Grid”

  1. Liza Sisler says:

    Have a great & safe trip!

  2. reefdiver says:

    Great advice, John. As you can tell from my moniker…its avocation that enables the creativity of the OTHER 50 weeks in the year. Heading for Rehoboth myself next week, going down…instead of up, like you. Enjoy the Maroon Bells…and bring back some new perspectives that HIT is need of….

  3. That’s probably one thing I should look into – getting a nice break from all these modern gadgets. A couple of days under the sun with, well, lots of trees in your case is a pretty good getaway from the stresses.

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