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Get Your Comments In

by John Moore | September 08, 2007

And no, not on this Blog, but to HL7, and their recently released draft standard for PHRs titled: PHR-S FM, which stands for Personal Health Record System Functional Model. Comments are due by Sept 13, 2007.

Although I have yet to read the Draft, quick review of PR tells me this much:

  • PHR-S FM is an extension and modification of previous work by HL7 in development of the ANSI approved EHR-S FM. EHR-S FM is targeted at defining the the functional model that is critical for providers whereas PHR-S FM, obviously, is targeted at consumers.
  • Due to HL7’s work on EHR-S FM, the hope it that a natural extension can be made to PHR that is consumer friendly. In the future, an interoperability model between EHR and PHR will be more readily developed as they will leverage a similar base.
  • PHR-S FM does not define any data models or for that matter, anything too descriptive as they state that the purpose is to define a loose structure for this industry/product area, one which is still evolving.
  • PHR-S FM is divided into three core domains: Personal Health, Supportive and Information Infrastructure.

I’ll provide a more thorough assessment once I get a chance to review the Draft.

One last point – looking quickly at who were the key individuals that developed this Draft, I saw significant participation by payers (e.g., Kaiser & BCBSA) another from AHIMA, someone from Intel and a couple from the software vendor side. Surprisingly, no one from Microsoft, Google, WebMD or any of the other big players who have an eye on this market.

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