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Free February

by John Moore | February 02, 2012

Let you in on a little secret. February happens to be the month in which I was born. So to celebrate, I’m giving you dear readers a birthday gift. For the month of February you can get a free copy of the full report: iPHR Market Report Analysis & Trends. Be forewarned that this report is dated (yes, it does have a profile of Google Health), having been published in May 2008, but trust you’ll still find some worthy tidbits contained therein.

Happy reading!

6 responses to “Free February”

  1. Jas says:

    Hi John, thanks a lot for making a free copy of the report available – much appreciated!

  2. zweenahealth says:

    Dude, love the generosity and the work which you know I respect…but…problem is that it is May 2008 report. The PHR market is 4 years older, and 4 years wiser, at least Zweena feels that way. happy to help you put out teh 2012 report… (www.zweenahealth.com)

    • John says:

      I warned you John that it was dated but there may be some value tucked inside that report just the same.

      Do agree that the industry has come a long way in some respects in the last 4yrs and we are looking closely at possibly updating this report though likely to be more expansive, folding in the patient portal initiatives of various legacy HIT vendors.

  3. @cascadia says:

    Happy Birthday John – it is my birthday this month also! But women go backwards each year so I am not sure how old I am now
    @cascadia – sherry

  4. LabNews says:

    Thanks, and Happy Birthday!

    Regular price $2,995.00!!! 🙂

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