Forced Hiatus & Are Young Clinicians More Open to Consumer Control of PHI?

by | Sep 28, 2009

wreckDue to circumstances beyond my control, bike crash yesterday resulting in broken right wrist, typing has become near impossible.  yes, I’m right-handed.  Therefore, for the next few days, any posts that do appear will look more like abstracts than the more thorough write-up and analysis you’ve come to expect.

Doctors tell me that in a couple weeks, I’ll be in much better shape, so please hang tight.

BTW, ended up at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital trauma center yesterday and the staff there was great.  Very attentive and thorough and a welcomed reprieve from other trauma centers I’ve landed in.  While there, did talk to several clinicians, both nurses and doctors, all in their late 20’s, or 30’s and without exception, all of them believed in a consumer’s right to access, manage and control their personal health information (PHI).  Found this quite heartening and almost the antithesis of what I have heard from the AMA.  Could it be that the AMA is only surveying older doctors, doctors who are not yet comfortable with releasing PHI into the hands of their customers?  Certainly something that requires further, deeper exploration.


  1. Jonena

    Hi John,
    I hope you heal quickly!

  2. John Lynn

    Get better soon. Sounds like it’s time to try out Dragon Naturally Speaking or possibly the new built in voice recognition available in Windows 7.

    Your posts will be missed. I’ll double time it for you in the mean time.

  3. Charles

    Funny, I am not the first person to reccomend you try Dragon. Most of the doctors I work with are switching to Dragon Medical 10, and they are impressed. May be a good time for you to give it a shot (Dragon 10, not medical unless you want to spend the extra $$$).

  4. Chitra Mohla

    Hello John,

    Get well soon! Glad you were treated well at Boston Brigham and Women’s hospital.

    Take care,


  5. Ted Eytan

    Hi John,

    Interesting that as close to the patient as you can get (being the patient), the conversation is different than what you hear when you are farther away. I am sure a lot of people (okay, me) would be interested in how you brought up these issues with your care team.

    Most importantly, get well soon!


  6. John

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone. And yes, may look into Dragon as typing with a broken wrist is extremely frustrating. Thankfully, feel like I got off relatively easily. I’m still standing and still laughing.

    Ted, as for bringing up these issues, well it is just something I have gotten in the habit of asking any clinician. Always looking for views, perspectives. Still so new to this market, always asking others for their opinions, which helps me better understand this market and what makes it tick.

  7. Doug D

    Yo John,

    Terribly sorry to hear about the crash–but as a fellow cyclist, not too sorry. As you know better than I, if you’re gonna ride, your gonna fall/break something.

    Willie D (my 9 year old) and I spent Sunday at the excellent velodrome in Rochester Hills, Michigan. No major falls yet.

    Looking forward to your excellent abstracts. Abbreviations are welcome.



  8. Michael Jahn


    When i read this post, I thought of a proverb found in Luke 4:23 – Physician, heal thyself !

    that never made any sense to me either, but since you are all hyped up about PHRs, I thought it would be kinda sorta appropriate (apologies if you are religious)

    Be sure to have them update your Google Health account !

    Or do you use Microsoft’s MedicalVault – or something else ?



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