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Fabulous February & Your Key to the PHM Report

by John Moore | February 11, 2016

bdayCarrying on a tradition I started several years ago, on my birthday as it is today, it is Free February.

So what exactly is Free February? It is an opportunity for you dear reader to gain free access to one of the reports we published in the last year. I basically look through the research files to find one that will provide the greatest value for the diverse audience that reads these posts. I also just love giving books as gifts. Sure, not quite a book, but something I hope you’ll enjoy reading.

This year you will have access to our seminal report on Population Health Management (PHM), Aligning IT Solutions to Strategy, which was published early last year. This roughly 50 page report provides a detailed roadmap for healthcare organizations that are beginning their journey to enable a PHM strategy.

As there is no single solution in the market that can fully enable a PHM strategy, the report takes a deep dive into the multiple IT components that are required and the relative maturity of vendors to support such. As this report was a compilation of research from our analyst team, it provides some sense of the deep bench we have here at Chilmark and our ability to provide pragmatic, well-researched guidance to the industry.

We have only a small ask of you to get the report – please fill out the registration form. Yes, I know these can be a hassle, but they really are invaluable to us and gives us some sense as to who we are reaching and who else we need to do a better job of reaching.

As they say – “better to give than to receive”.  Hope you enjoy the report!

Founder, Chilmark Research

2 responses to “Fabulous February & Your Key to the PHM Report”

  1. John L. Burch says:

    Happy birthday, John! Please send a birthday-celebration copy of your seminal report on Population Health Management (PHM), Aligning IT Solutions to Strategy. Thanks!
    I am an angel investor (Mid-America Angels in Kansas City) and very interested in solving “the data problem” of healthcare. The topic of big data always comes up in this context, but I cannot think of less useful term. Hospital-level population health (the topic of this report, I believe) is at best “middle-data”, because it’s just one level above where the data was collected and uses no new integrative principle. No one does really mega-data — that would be complete, integrated EMRs, claims, labs, and images for 320M Americans. And little data — N-of-1 level — is not little anymore and is rapidly becoming more and more massive and complex. Soon (already, really!) algorithmic engines will be needed to help docs or patients make sense of it, even for individual care, yet HITECH and all the MU in the world are doing nothing to create standardized, consumer-centric repositories for third-party software developers to work with. Some people watch while others do things. Some people wait for someone else to do things. Some people do things.

    • John says:

      And I take it that you are actually trying to do things! Hat’s off to you, not easy in this industry and no lack of barriers.

      You are correct in the assessment of data needs to do true PHM across even a small community. The data sets you listed are all highly relevant, just about everyone has access to claims data, typical starting point, attempt to layer in some clinical data, not easy, but no one to our knowledge is extending that (beyond some small pilot/research proj) to look at/pull in the digital exhaust of consumers/patients, public health data, weather, etc to truly manage a community’s health.

      We have a long way to go, but seeing as less than a decade ago, most processes and patient info was still on paper – I remain hopeful.

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