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Drop-off/Pick-up: Nice Concept, but will Doctors Use It

by John Moore | July 17, 2008

While I normally do not like to do double posts on any one vendor, I was struck by HealthVault architect Sean Nolan’s most recent post on a new feature they have developed which they call Drop-off, Pick-up (DOPU).

Looks like a great feature, especially its ability to receive data in virtually any format. I can envision a scenario wherein upon discharge after some procedure, a consumer would receive their discharge summary automatically pushed to their HealthVault account for acceptance and upload. If one is serving as a proxy for another family member, this capability could be very useful in remotely managing the care of another.

What I wonder though is will physicians rapidly embrace such a capability, or be hesitant to push such information due to HIPAA or possibly even stricter state privacy and security policies. It may take HealthVault sometime to overcome such concerns and gain any meaningful traction and use of DOPU in the market. If the HealthVault team is able to sign-on some of their major provider partners into using this capability, others will likely follow close behind.

Editor’s Note:

Google has really said nothing since the formal launch of Google Health in May and Dossia has been pretty quiet themselves while they build out the platform for broader roll-out this fall.

Right now, HealthVault appears to be the only one pushing the envelop, or at least being public about it. So hat’s off to them.

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