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Driving Hard to Finish PHR Report

by John Moore | May 01, 2008

Happy to say that the report on the PHR market is close to completion and with a hint of modesty, (then again maybe not) believe the report will greatly assist those who are trying to understand this market, including who are some of the significant players, what markets do they serve and where all this appears to be headed. Looking to be about 100 pages in length, with in-depth profiles on 20 vendors.

But, as I drive hard and fast to complete the report, my postings here have slipped, which is a shame as there is much to convey… maybe next week.

As a treat/teaser dear reader, I’m posting a Profile of vendor RelayHealth for you dear reader. RelayHealth is one of those companies you do not hear a lot about. However, once you peel back the covers to see what they have to offer, it is one of the more impressive PHR platforms in the market today – at least from a straight technology standpoint. But like all vendors in this still immature, but rapidly evolving market, RelayHealth is not without a few challenges going forward.

Arguably one of the biggest challenges in pulling together a report of this magnitude is to accurately capture the market and insure the report is as current as its print date. With all the changes occurring, that has been a challenge to say the least.

For example, today I received a call from one of the vendors that has done very little marketing, but they are having contracts come in left and right, some without even a formal RFP process, and these are some BIG contracts. Asked my contact where is the business coming from and he stated from all corners, but they are seeing the strongest activity from providers and employers. Their challenge now is to scale, something other vendors will be struggling with as well for most of these companies are still quite small and managing profitable growth is going to take additional skill-sets that many do not have today.

A number of readers have asked to be contacted when the report is published. If you wish to be added to that list, please send an email to: info at chilmarkresearch.com

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the teaser.

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