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Dossia Goes Live!, well sort of

by John Moore | January 23, 2008

Yesterday’s InformationWeek reported that Wal-Mart has done an extremely limited roll-out of the Dossia platform among some 20 or so employees.  Very modest beginnings for a platform that is already running well-behind schedule, at least according to the schedule they announced when they first hooked-up with Omnimedix.

Since then, that marriage ended in divorce and Dossia found a new spouse adopting the Indivo platform developed at Children’s Hospital, Boston.  While the folks at Dossia did inform me late last year that they intended to have a limited roll-out by end of 2007, and they more or less met that schedule, my idea of a limited roll-out was say a 500-1,000 minimum.  After all, the ultimate goal is to support upwards of 8.5M employees.  Thinking about it, surprised that they would even announce such a limited roll-out as they did yesterday for its size is almost embarrassing.

So Dossia, when might we see a more ambitious roll-out?

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