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Discussion on eConsultations

by John Moore | August 21, 2008

Th WSJ Blog had a post yesterday on a rurl doctor’s support of eRx, but the limitations put upon such Internet practices by state regulations.

The WSJ set-up a separate discussion/forum entitled “Visiting you Doc Online” which is getting quite a few comments.  Granted, the WSJ attracts a very limited, dare I say exclusive, slice of the US population but it is this slice that is online, engaged, has insurance and based on the forum comments is fed up with the existing system.

Those that do have eConsultation privileges who are commenting on this forum love this means of access.  It is this love of such means to engage one’s physician that will, in time premeate the healthcare sector and as I have stated previously, be one of the major forcing functions for getting the doctors on line and using digital record keeping, provided of course they are reimbursed for these eConsults.

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