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Digital Therapeutics Show Promise to Support Mental Health

by Brian Eastwood | October 23, 2018

Chilmark Advisory Service: Engagement Domain


Healthcare organizations (HCOs) struggle to provide effective mental health services to patients who need them. Four potential solutions – clinically validated apps, employer programs, patient control of health data, and clinical decision support – could address the problem but are not without their own challenges. Though adoption of digital therapeutics to address mental health has been slow to date, EHR and care management vendors should consider whether these solutions can address clear gaps in supporting mental health delivery.

Key takeaways:

  • Existing technology solutions often fall short of their goal of improving access to mental health services; on top of that, they can easily add to the workload of already-overburdened clinical staff.
  • Startups such as 2Morrow, Akili Interactive Labs, Click Therapeutics, and Pear Therapeutics offer validat- ed mental health solutions but have been slow to sign deals with paying customers.
  • Though digital therapeutics are immature at this time, vendors should consider the extent to which they can complement their strategies for supporting mental health, whether through development partner- ship or eventual acquisition.

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