Data Liquidity Needs to be the Focus says Booz Allen Hamilton

by | Jan 13, 2009

bahrptYesterday, Booz Allen Hamilton and the American Hospital Federation published a report that argues for an emphasis on data liquidity.  Report even goes so far as stating that an over-emphasis on EMR adoption (plenty of bills on Capitol Hill being introduced to promote such) may be misguided.

Quoting the summary, the report encourages policy makers to focus on two key areas:

“First, focus on enhancing the flow of health information and communications among patients and providers, rather than focusing only on adoption of electronic health records.  Second, take bold new steps toward realizing a consumer-centered healthcare system.” (bold emphasis, ours)

Combining data liquidity, communications and a consumer-centered healthcare system is really what we see occurring with the platform plays from Google, Microsoft and Dossia.

The big question is:

Will these platforms gain enough momentum among consumers to become sustainable and will the medical establishment (not just the innovators such as BIDMC, Cleveland Clinic, KP and Mayo) adopt such a model in totality?

A consumer-centric model such as this will require a major re-thinking across the healthcare sector with one of the biggest challenges being simply the relinquishment of control. He/she who has the data, has the control.  As consumers take control of that data, what changes will permeate throughout the healthcare system?  One can develop any number of scenarios to address that question.

Executives in the healthcare sector would be wise to do some of that scenario planning now as indeed this may well be the future of healthcare.


Was just made privy to an email that was distributed to all Partners Healthcare employees where in the CEO relates how he has been in discussions with the Governor of MA on controlling healthcare costs.  Email goes on to outline the four key areas that Partners is focusing on:

  1. Payment reform
  2. EMR adoption and use across the IDN
  3. Disease management and
  4. Comparative effectiveness studies.

All well and good but what really strikes me here is that there is absolutely no discussion whatsoever on consumer-centric care or data liquidity.  Do they have their heads in the sand?

Looks like this CEO needs to read the Booz Allen Hamilton report.



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